Montclair Community Farms Coalition

Montclair Community Farms

UntitledThe Montclair Historical Society is excited be part of the Montclair Community Farms. Thanks to the MCF, unused land at our Orange Road site is now a thriving micro-farm, complete with chickens. Along with the Orange Road location, the Miller Street farm is also flourishing and has many different fruits and vegetables growing. These farms help us recall a period in our town’s history when farms were the main “industry” and lived close to the land.

Our Mission: Montclair Community Farms (MCF) consists of local organizations committed to providing community farm sites to engage the community in farming, food, agricultural and nutrition education. These local community farms are hands-on resources to create a healthy food environment to support healthy food and lifestyle choices. Food grown on our sites will be made available to the community through low cost farm stands and other direct distribution.

MCF members: HOMECorp, Montclair Health Department, Montclair Historical Society, Montclair State University, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County: Essex 4-H and Master Gardeners

For more information on our farms, available produce, and getting involved, contact our Farm Coordinator, Matt Duker at or 973-744-1796.

Where Does the Produce Go?

Montclair Community Farms uses a mobile farm stand and travels to local affordable housing communities to sell produce at reasonable prices. This makes organic foods more accessible to our community.