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Old Houses, New Diverse Stories

On September 18, I'll be part of a panel at the American Association of State and Local History in Louisville, Kentucky, speaking about the changes we have made to the Crane House and Historic YWCA. At the panel, we'll encourage the audience members to consider the stories their historic houses tell. What stories are not told? Co-chaired by Ken Turino, from Historic New England, and Claudia … Read More

Never know who’s going to walk through the door

'Twas a fun (albeit warm) Sunday at the Crane House and Historic YWCA. I was in the midst of our Many Voices tour, talking about the "many voices" that contributed to the house's history -- Israel and Fanny Crane, the people who worked for them both free and enslaved, James and Phebe Crane, their servants, Alice Hooe Foster, Hortense Ridley Tate, and the founders of the Montclair Historical … Read More

New York Times article (6/21) showcases changes at Crane House and Historic YWCA

A Dialogue About Race

With the shooting of nine people at the historically-black African American church in Charleston, racism once again rears its ugly head. This time, there’s no question as to the motive or whether the same thing could have happened if the victims had been white. These nine people -- with names, lives, families, jobs, and histories --  were killed because of their race. As we remember the 150th … Read More

Center for Comm Engagement Award

Outstanding Partner Award from MSU

The Montclair Historical Society proudly accepted an Outstanding Community Partner Award from Montclair State University at a luncheon held on the MSU campus on May 27.  The award recognized the joint programs we have been fielding with MSU. The relationship began several years ago through the Montclair Community Farm Coalition, of which MSU was a member.  The coalition approached us about … Read More