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The Myth of Thanksgiving

I recently gave a talk at the Glen Ridge Woman's Club about the women who were living in America in 1621, their religion, and their spirituality. When you think 1621, America, and food, if you're anything like me, your first thought is Plymouth and the Pilgrims. But the deeper you delve, as I did to prepare for this presentation, you realize how far off you really are. First and foremost, while … Read More

HPC’s Bricks and Mortar Award!

Last night we received the Bricks and Mortar Award from the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission last night in recognition of the exterior restoration of the Crane House and Historic YWCA that we completed last year. It's not easy (or inexpensive) keeping a 200+-year building looking good, and this project was supported by countless people who live in or love Montclair and made it … Read More

Thank You!

We're delighted to learn that the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission has selected the Crane House and Historic YWCA Exterior Restoration for a 2015 Bricks and Mortar Preservation Award.  The award recognizes excellence in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, interpretation of architectural features and compatible design in new construction, and adaptive reuse of historic … Read More

The Move

Fifty years ago today, in the midst of a brutal drought, it was raining. Hard. Just what the members of the newly-formed Montclair Historical Society needed on the day the Crane House was to be moved from its original location on Glenridge Avenue to its new home on Orange Road. Coincidentally, back in the early 18th century, that land on Orange Road had been owned by the Crane family. At the … Read More