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  • The Dog Days Of Summer: Summer Schedule at MHS

    Back in the days when Israel and Fanny traipsed the halls of the Israel Crane House, they were used to the heat.  We, however, are not. Therefore, during the month of August, our authentically non-air-conditioned historic sites will be closed for tours and our offices will be closed from August 4 to August 15.  Enjoy the dog days of summer and watch for a full list of fall programs on this website.

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  • The Jersey Tomato

    The Jersey Tomato

    Everyone loves the Jersey Tomato! Discover where the tomato originated and why it became one of New Jersey’s favorite crops. Find out when New Jersey was known for its tomato packing industry and what happened to it. Did you know that tomatoes were considered poisonous at one time and it was a New Jerseyean who decided to prove everyone wrong? Hear about heirloom varieties and modern hybrids and the folklore attached to this fruit Program is led by Judith Krall-Russo, Food Historian. After the program, visitors are welcome to visit the Montclair Community Farm and see the variety of produce growing on the farm! Black-H-with-HSB-text

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  • Homeschool Program Series: Craft Your Way Through History!

    Homeschool Program Series: Craft Your Way Through History!

    The Montclair Historical Society is offering a 6-week educational series for homeschool children, ages 6-10, using a combination of presentation, and discussion of artifacts and the history of Montclair. Discussion is followed by a craft associated with our rich history. The goal of our 6-week session is to expose children to history in a fun way by using crafting as a conversation starter. Children will spend one week on each topic and craft activity, class time is one hour. Cost for the entire program series is $60 per child. Cost for individual session sign up is $15 per class. Program is held on the first and third Thursday of each month, October through December, from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. 108 Orange Road, Montclair, NJ.

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  • Signs of the Past and Their Stories

    Signs of the Past and Their Stories

    Philip Jaeger presents Signs of the Past and Their Stories
    The program depicts signs of the past that still exist, though some have been hidden by modern day life. Some of these traces of the past date as far back as the 1800s. Written signs that have faded over time because of their exposure to the weather, but are still discernible, are sometimes called “ghost signs.” Originally they served as advertisements for a variety of products and services. Also included in the program are buildings and other relics that were changed or revealed when modern-day projects disturbed their resting place resulting in a new glimpse into the past.  Program begins at 2 PM at 108 orange Road in the lower level of the Israel Crane House.

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Director’s Blog


What’s the history of “Dog Days?”

We all know what the dog days of summer feel like.  So hot you don't want to leave the air conditioning.  So hot it saps your energy. So hot that even if you are lucky enough to be down the shore, the journey to the water promises to yield scalded feet. But where does the term "the dog days of summer" come from?  According to weather.com, it dates back further than you might think.  All the way … Read More

What fits?

As we move forward with the changes we are making at the Crane House, some people have asked us what we are doing with some of the pieces that have been selected by or donated to the Montclair Historical Society over the last fifty years. The answer is an unequivocal "it depends. Some pieces will be placed in storage and displayed for special exhibitions. Some will be available for loan to other … Read More

MCFC Produce Available for Sale!

Montclair Community Farms Coalition Our Mission: Montclair Community Farms Coalition (MCFC) consists of local organizations committed to providing community farm sites to engage the community in farming, food, agricultural and nutrition education. These local community farms are hands-on resources to create a healthy food environment to support healthy food and lifestyle choices. Food grown on … Read More

Restoration Fair!

Our first Restoration Fair takes place Saturday, June 21 on the grounds of the Israel Crane House, 108 Orange Road, from 10 to 4 pm. We have about a dozen vendors who will be on hand to speak with you about your restoration project. These folks can help you design your project, execute it, fixed your stained glass windows, make your antique windows more energy efficient, help with landscape … Read More