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The Move

Fifty years ago today, in the midst of a brutal drought, it was raining. Hard. Just what the members of the newly-formed Montclair Historical Society needed on the day the Crane House was to be moved from its original location on Glenridge Avenue to its new home on Orange Road. Coincidentally, back in the early 18th century, that land on Orange Road had been owned by the Crane family. At the … Read More

Happy 50th, Montclair Historical Society!

It was middle of a hot, sticky July.  Members of the newly-formed Montclair Heritage Trust, a committee of the Montclair Art Museum created to survey Montclair's historic houses in light of the pending demolition of the Crane House, met with members of the YWCA Board who had owned and operated a YWCA out of the house for 40 years.  The YWCA Board agreed to donate the house to the Montclair … Read More

Let the Jubilee Begin!

Fifty years ago, the first U.S. combat troops arrived in Vietnam. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the now-famous march in Selma, Alabama. The Sound of Music premiered. And a stamp cost just 5 cents. In Montclair, many people remember another event – the day the Crane House moved from its original location at 159 Glenridge Avenue to its new location at 110 Orange Road. Built by Israel Crane in … Read More

Old Houses, New Diverse Stories

On September 18, I'll be part of a panel at the American Association of State and Local History in Louisville, Kentucky, speaking about the changes we have made to the Crane House and Historic YWCA. At the panel, we'll encourage the audience members to consider the stories their historic houses tell. What stories are not told? Co-chaired by Ken Turino, from Historic New England, and Claudia … Read More